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Taff Vale Models

Taff Vale Models Locomotive and Rolling Stock Etched Kits

Thank you for visiting this page. A full online shop is currently under development however, until this is complete, some selected kits and new releases will be made available for purchase on this page via PayPal. This is not an exhaustive list of our kits - please enquire if you would like something from the catalogue that's not listed here or alternatively visit our eBay page where we have some items listed.

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Brand New Kit - Taff Vale Iron Mink

This kit features the following:

This is a model of the post 1907 type Iron Mink as prduced by a number of manufacturers. This model represents the type built with 'U' channel chassis as opposed to the pressed steel chassis found on other minks. Livery would have been chestnut brown during Taff Vale days and would have been replaced by GW grey post grouping. The prototype features on page 42 of "Lewis, J. H. et al, All about GWR Iron Minks. Historical Model Railway Society, 1980."

This kit requires 3'1" 8 Plain Spoke wheels with 1/8th" diameter axles, e.g. Slaters ref. 7120 or equivalent.

Price is £60-00 with TVR transfers/£56-00 without.

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Taff Vale Iron Mink - 4mm Version

This kit features the following:

This is the 4mm/ft scale version of the Taff Vale Iron mink. The kit includes a completely new etch design and is not derived from the 7mm scale version. The kit is designed to allow easy build to OO/EM or P4 standards and includes a pre-formed roof.

This kit requires 3'1" 8 Plain Spoke wheels with pinpoint bearings.

Price is £28-00 with TVR transfers/£26-00 without.

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Taff Vale Railway 10 Ton Van

This kit features the following:

The prototypes of this Covered Goods Wagon were built in 1890 by the Gloucester Carriage & Wagon Company, and served until beyond the grouping. Known Taff numbers are 5580/1/2, 5862/90/99 and 5940, with Great Western numbers being 85978 and 85979 so far identified. In Taff Vale days, the vans would have been painted in standard colours, dark brown with black ironwork and underframe. The Great Western standard grey would have been applied after the grouping, but they would have been withdrawn during the great purge of wooden underfame vehicles in the late 1920s and 1930s.

You will need 3' 1" split spoke wheels, e.g. Slaters 7120 or equivalent.

Price is £45-00

Great Western Railway (ex Taff Vale Railway) Loriot F Machinery Wagon

This kit features the following:

This wagon was one of several taken over by the Great Western at the grouping from the Welsh constituent companies, and became coded as Loriot F. It was numbered 41992, with a tare weight of 7tons 11 cwt, load 15tons. It served for many years, but is believed to have been withdrawn in 1940. A similar wagon, distinguished by higher sides with holes for attachment of securing chains along its length was also taken into stock, numbered 41993, becoming Loriot G. The exact date of construction by the Taff Vale Railway is unknown, but athought to be around 1896. With the TV, it was numbered 7001. Livery in GW days would have been all over GW grey, with the running number to the right of the left hand axlebox. Other lettering, such as the company initials, code would have been centrally placed on the side rail, with the load and tare lettering to the right of this. In earlier Taff days, the standard dark red/dark brown livery would have been applied, but if any other ironwork was painted black remains to be established. Lettering would again have been applied to the side rail.

This kit requires 3'1" 8 Plain Spoke wheels with 1/8th" diameter axles, e.g. Slaters ref. 7120 or equivalent.

Price is £34-00